Monika Bohus

     Monika was born in the Czech Republic (formal Czechoslovakia). In 2014, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis on Painting from the Department of Art, Design and Art History in the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts Webster University in St. Louis (USA). Her work reflects contemporary social, religious, and cultural issues based on her personal experiences. Monika doesn't limit herself with a media choice.  On the contrary, she searches and experiments with a new media to perfectly fit with her ideas. Currently, she lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri (USA). Since 2016, Monika has become a member of Federal Association of Austrian Artists  (IG Bildende Kunst) in Austria.


     "The understanding of reality vary from person to person based on the perception of their own reality, inner feelings, and outside influences. This triple combination leads each individual to the conclusion that is often in conflict with his or her surroundings. As a woman, I am fascinated by the feminine world and how women deal with this emotional and intellectual collision. I have started questioning why our emotional and rational perceptions of our female body or a role often dramatically differ from the spectator. This contradiction became my passion to find a meeting point among these variables -  if there is any...".


                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Monika Bohus





2017 Park Cafe, site-specific intallation, Podebrady (Czech Republic)

2016 Meeting Point, SternStudiox Gallery, drawings/wooden sculptures/installation, Vienna (Austria)

2016 Park Cafe, site-specific installation, Podebrady (Czech Republic)

2014 Contra/Diction, SternStudiox Gallery, drawings/lithography prints, Vienna (Austria)

2014 Contra/Diction, PS Studio 22, drawings/lithography prints, Vienna (Austria)

2013 Book Arch II, re-proposal site-specific installation, East Academic Building (Webster University), St. Louis MO (USA)

2012 Book Arch, East Academic Building (Webster University), site-specific installation, St. Louis MO (USA)

2012 One-Day Show, Moore Auditorium, site-specific installation, St. Louis MO (USA)


Juried & Invintational:

2017 Fascination of world art and color, Cultural Center Cologne-Muhlheim, drawings, Cologne (Germany)

2017 Fascination of world art and color, Municipal Museum – Leifheit-Haus, drawings, Nassau (Germany)

2017 Fascination of world art and color, Cultural Center Haus Eberhard, drawings, Diez (Germany)

2017 Fascination of world art and color, German online show, drawings,

2017 Small is Big, German online show, drawings,

2016 Homage of  Guillaume Apollinaire, drawings, Bonn-Konigswinter (Germany)

2016 A Woman in Her Place, Are you sure you want this?, SIUE Art&Design Gallery, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, installation, Edwardsville IL (USA)

2016 A Woman in Her PlaceAre you sure you want this?, George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology, installation, Baltimore, MD (USA)

2015 A Woman in Her PlaceAre you sure you want this?, Emory & Henry Collage, installation, Emory, VA (USA)

2015 A Woman in Her PlaceAre you sure you want this?, CityArts, installation, Wichita, KS (USA)

2015 A Woman in Her Place, Are you sure you want this?,  E.B. White Art Gallery, installation, El Dorado, KS (USA)

2014 33OctoberConflict Dimensions series, Angel, The Old Orchard Gallery, drawings/wood carving, St. Louis MO (USA)



2014 MAKE/MADEWombLa Muerte, The Laurel Building, digital print/digital print mixed media, St. Louis MO (USA)

2013 W.A.C./AIGA Annual Students Art ShowBeing Stuck II, MAD Gallery, digital print, St. Louis, MO (USA)

2013 Webster Gallery CrawlBeing Stuck, digital print, St. Louis MO (USA)

2013 Hybrid Objects, The Book, Webster University, installation, St. Louis MO (USA)

2012 W.A.C. 3rd Annual Students Art ShowSTL Dream, Cherokee St. Arts Building, painting, St. Louis MO (USA)

2012 ArtLA, Being Born, painting, online exhibition based in Los Angeles CA (USA)

2011 W.A.C. 2nd Annual Students Art ShowInside, MAD Gallery, painting, St. Louis MO (USA)



2017 Kunstretreat, art book, 2017, page 85, Rhapsody I-III, (Germany)

2015 A Women in Her Place a Collaborative Exhibition, exhibition catalog, 2015, page 3. 6-7 Are You Sure You Want This? (USA)

2014 Chatar Chalupar, vol.7, 2014, page 5-15 Dum s kocourem Hubertem, Taborska 5, 140 00  Praha (Czech Republic)

2013 The Ampersand, vol.12, issue 1, fall 2013, page 37 Womb, 470 East Lockwood, St. Louis MO (USA)


Selected Public Collections

2016 Park Cafe, site-specific  outdoor installations, Podebrady (Czech Republic)

2013 The Arch, site-specific installation, East Academic Building, Webster University, St.Louis MO (USA)



2014 BFA, magna cum laude, Webster University, St. Louis MO (USA)